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Mindset Horizon: About Us.

Embark on a Mystical Voyage to Unlock Your Innate Power with Rajul Kaushik – Your Pathway to Sovereignty

Are you ready to begin a transformation journey toward a life of heightened mindfulness and profound fulfilment? I am Rajul Kaushik, your steward on this odyssey of self-enhancement and sovereignty.

Endowed with unwavering dedication, I aid individuals like yourself in unlocking their authentic light. As a revered mindfulness and Astro-life coach, I embrace a holistic paradigm of personal ascension. My methodology intertwines the ancient lore of Sanskrit Chants and the art of Vibrational Energy Healing with cutting-edge mindfulness disciplines. This alchemy of the old and the new distinguishes my offerings.


Indeed, the genesis of true metamorphosis lies within one’s being. Through the art of mindful living, the power of affirmative declarations, the spirit of thankfulness, the principles of attraction, and the esoteric knowledge of the stars, I enable you to manifest the existence you yearn for.

Astrology Life Coaching:

As an astrology life coach, I explore the celestial blueprint of your birth to uncover the intricacies of your inherent virtues and hurdles. My cosmic insights and bespoke counsel guide you, illuminating your passage through life’s tapestry.

Choosing Mindset Horizon:

Mindset Horizon is built upon the belief that my role is not to foretell your destiny but to equip you to sculpt it toward unparalleled triumph. My coaching unravels the bedrock of your blockages and offers strategies tailored just for you.

Join the community

Join me on this quest of self-exploration and personal evolution. Your path to a life rich with mindfulness and satisfaction, enlightened by the ancient wisdom of astrology, is initiated here at Mindset Horizon. Ignite the spark of your transformative voyage today.

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